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The crowd around starts to whisper... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

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Auctions of interest! [Aug. 30th, 2009|10:56 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

Some steampunk, gothic and BPAL items for your pleasure: shop.ebay.com/scarletminded/m.html
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A somewhat steamy gothic CD sale [Aug. 26th, 2009|12:22 am]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

The following are CDs I want to sell, in order to buy more music. They are steampunkish or gothic in nature. Each CD is $7 and that is postpaid. Write me a comment here with the ones you want and I will PM you with my Paypal info in which to pay me. All CDs are brand new unless stated otherwise.

The list is:

Death by Doll --- Gasoline
Death by Doll --- Cabin Fever
Dawn Desiree --- Dancing, Dreaming, Longing
Regan Remy / High Priestess --- Sellisternia
Regan Remy/ High Priestess -- Advanced Bliss / Oaksong
Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love/ The Calvary of Light (2 CDs for $7)
Lisa Hammer -- Dakini (it's brand spanking new!)
The World/Inferno Friendship Society -- Live at Northsix
The World/Inferno Friendship Society --- Addicted to Bad Ideas
The World/Inferno Friendship Society --- East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today!
The World/Inferno Friendship Society -- Red Eyed Soul
Sophe Luxe -- Waking the Mystics
Tipton Lea and the Victorian Army --- Spectacle
Lemony Snicket Soundtrack
Rodentia The best of Dark Roots music, 2 CD set $7
The Sad Bastard Book Club -- The collected works of Carrie Anne Crowe (CD)
The Sad Bastard Book Club -- The collected works of Carrie Anne Crowe (Audiobook)

I do have a cheap list of CDs too, each for $3 postpaid!

The Cure -- 3 Imaginary Boys
Daniel Ash -- Foolish Thing Desire
Front 242 -- Front by Front
Best of The Velvet Underground
Swans Related Projects CD, featuring tracks from Drainland and Sacrificial Cake
Bjork -- Homogenic
Nine Inch Nails --- March of the Pigs
The Damned -- Skip School to See The Damned

Thanks for looking!
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An advert for my new, yet old group... [Aug. 11th, 2009|04:39 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

Having a hard time finding steampunk or dark cabaret bands?  I know I am.  For one, MySpace is a menace to me, as much as a joy.  Perhaps others have experienced my plight.

I would like to introduce you to steampunkmusic , my new group.  I created this group in order to keep up with the large advent of dark cabaret, steampunk, gypsy punk and countless other subgenres.   I would like it to clear up confusion on where to find steampunk music. If you are in a band of any genre like this, please add yourself to the friends list, so people can find you.

Feel free to join and post anything as long as it has to do with these genres of music.  I am pretty liberal with what you can post.


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Heads up! [Oct. 26th, 2008|02:24 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

[music |Amanda Palmer - Amsterdam]

Listen up everyone!
the new albums seems now to be well on its way and shall be available within a few weeks, so more news on the matter are to be posted soon.

Katzenjammer Kabarett arrives at a furiously modern sound still colored with electronics but more baroque - it can speak to and charm anyone. Grand-Guignol & Variétés nevertheless devises an embroidery of unheard and original melodies. Fresh and more mature, the album offers a new serial of songs with efficient melodies, though often with complex structure (breaks, surprising beats, dissonances), and strange lyrics tinted with cruel and absurd realism merrily sung. No longer are we mere listeners as Katzenjammer Kabarett carries us to their weird universe. However Grand-Guignol & Variétés is not a rejection of reality but rather transforms it into new dimensions by introducing non-mimetic, non-realistic artful constructions instead of faithful imitation, by the use of ironic distancing, by denying emotional identification and by portraying contrast (for example in "Hidden & Sick," Little Henry's tragic end in contrast to the music).

read more about the new album on Projekt.com

In the meantime, Marie played 2 songs as Marie Darling ( http://www.myspace.com/mariedarling ) opening for Amanda Palmer in Paris :

If you're in Paris, she'll play au Ménilmuche, 46 rue de Ménilmontant, next thursday

see you soon for more katzkab news !
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White Light [Apr. 17th, 2008|12:12 am]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

[Current Location |PaRiS]
[mood |lethargic]
[music |DeVotchKa - Comrade Z]

hey folks!
some crappy pictures from tuesday's show @ La Loco, Paris !

(this one is actually my favourite, the others are actually worse)

i can't wait for real photographers to come up with decent shots so i click to see the rest of theseCollapse )

PS : i know i'm late, yet i promise i'll come up with a new and matching layout someday probably soon.
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I bring news [Apr. 7th, 2008|12:51 am]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

a) The MySpace page has a new look and there are
b) two three new songs from the new album!
c) The website is in process of being redone.
d) The album is being delayed (again). It's going to be called Grand Guignol & Variétes.
e) There's a show on April 15th at La Loco in Paris and if you're there, you should go. Emilie Autumn and Sieben will play, too.
f) It seems their music is now called multireferential post-punk. Just so you know.
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2008|10:11 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community
So I've just discovered Katzenjammer Kabarett after hearing the Dark Cabaret compilation, and I think I might genuinely, seriously, be in love. I've been listening to Gemini Girly Song on repeat for hours. It's like a beautiful, beautiful circus on crack.

I know it's a long (loooong) shot, but does anyone know if it's still possible to get the first album from somewhere, anywhere? Or even just the full version of Eve at the Mansion?

I'm going to go and smoke illicit cigarettes now.
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Miracles [Nov. 17th, 2007|05:58 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

There are news! Katzjammer Kabarett news from katzenjammer-kabarett.com!
The new album "Grand Guignol & variétés" is now ready ! Release date planned for early 2008 on Trisol Records. The completely new website is also on the road :

Most of the items in the boutique section are out of stock, but new ones will be available for the album release.
Please come back soon for more news !
Thanks to valiero for the heads-up.
Now we just need a tour to go with that album.
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Klischee. Châtelet, 6 am. [Jul. 5th, 2007|05:24 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

[mood |good]
[music |Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy]

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Bonjour tout les gens! [Jul. 2nd, 2007|12:34 pm]
The Official Katzenjammer Kabarett Community

I'm new to the community, so I'm saying hello =]

I'd also like to say, valiero, amazing layout you made.

So this post doesn't just seem like a waste and an excuse to update the community, I'll ask a question. What is your favorite katzen song? I've always loved Bal Manekinow. And for some reason I took a slight distaste to Eve at the Mansion, at least the album version. I like the demo version better. I also loved Broken Dolls. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll put that on the new album?
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